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New release - Bound to the Admiral

October 5, 2019

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What a year of writing taught me

December 20, 2017

As this years comes to an end, I wanted to share with what it's been like to write with you, my readers and friends. 


So far, I released a novellas called Tamsin's Conquest, a re-release from my earlier work previously published by Ellora's Cave. While I was happy with it, it did not give me the big break I was looking for. 


As it turned out, this big break came from my first full-length novel, Venomous Craving, which I was lucky enough to publish with the excellent Blushing Books. The ride has been surprisingly smooth so far, and I am humbled and stunned to count myself a part of this great group of writers. 


As a new author, I want to thank everyone who gave me a chance, and read my book. There is nothing quite as terrifying as laying your heart on blank pages, laboring for months, and then sending the fruit of that labor out into the world. Thanks to you, and your nice comments and reviews, this dream has come true and I am now officially able to call myself a writer. Not just an aspiring writer, like I did for years, but a bona-fide writer, with a real-life title under my belt! 


What writing taught me


First, to be humble, and yes, to learn that having my spirit crushed was not an entirely bad thing! As my sales went from ok to great (in my opinion, anyway!), reviews started to come in, and I read every single one of them with the hunger of a new writer. 


I needed to know what the readers felt about my work, and every line brought with it its fair share of emotions. A 5 stars review left me elated, and in the reverse, a 1 star review left me crushed for the day. All in all, I've come to learn to live with it, and I also learned a great deal about what readers like and dislike. 


Some of it I will take to heart for my next novels, some I guess can't be helped. I've learned that opinions differ greatly when it comes to define a strong woman, what makes us pine for a character or makes us judge her negatively in the end. Some of us prefer a lot of action, some would think it was too much. A number of readers found the world I wrote in too dark, the prospect of humans living in either hiding or slavery to be too bleak for a romance. 


Mostly, I've learned that you cannot please everyone, and that every opinion is legitimate. I will keep writing in the world I create for the Venomous Love series, and the fate of humanity will be decided, furthered with each book, according to the plans of my crooked mind. 



What comes next in the Venomous Love series



Now that this is out of the way, let's talk a bit more about what the next year has in store! As I assume that if you're reading this, it's because you liked the first book, or at least, were intrigued enough to visit my website, then I'll share my plan for the series with you.


As most of you assumed, yes, Venomous Craving is the first the Venomous Love series.


The next book, titled Venomous Hunger is hard in the works, with the story of Aliena and Kamal, where the fate of the captured humans in the Breeding Facility will be decided, along with their ultimate status in the Ring. 


There will be a total of 4 books in the Venomous Love series, and each book will contain the story of one of Karian's brothers, as they fight for women they love and the future of humanity against Minister's Knut's nefarious plans. 



What comes next: Dawn of Dragons series


Because one series is not enough to keep my busy brain on edge, I have also started a new series, with the first title scheduled to be released January 18th 2018. 


This series is set in a world of a dystopian Earth, where humans and aliens live side by side under the rule of Dragon Lords. This highly erotic series will follow the fate of a much changed Earth as aliens and humans learn to live side by side for their mutual survival.


Touch of Ice is the first title, is scheduled to be released on January 18th 2018! 


Stay in touch for my next blog post, where I'll likely rant about my current obsession with alien males, the importance of romance novels in our culture or just about anything! 


And thank you again for making my dreams of becoming a writer a reality!


Mary Auclair



















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