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April 10, 2019

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New release - Bound to the Admiral

October 5, 2019

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Caress of Fire - A cover reveal!

December 7, 2018

The time has come! This is the cover reveal for Caress of Fire (Dawn of Dragons, book 2)



Like it? Can't take your eyes off of it?


Well, me neither!


Want a sneak peek of what's waiting for you between the pages? Keep scrolling.... 














Excerpt 1 from Caress of Fire (Dawn of Dragons, book 2)


Marielle opened her eyes to see the guard, a mere few feet away from her, close enough to touch her if he wanted to. The door to her cell dangled open on its rusty hinges. But he wasn’t paying her any attention anymore. His body was turned away from her and his eyes were glued to the spiraling stairway carved in stone that led to the upper levels of the castle, away from the gloom and terror of the dungeon. He was afraid of something. More afraid of it than he was pissed at her.


“What’s wrong?” she couldn’t help asking. Whatever made the guard so scared had to terrify her also.


Then a man came down the stairs to the dungeon, his shoulders large and square, his steps fluid, his entire body glowing with a feline grace. As he got nearer to the bottom of the stairs, his silver eyes reflected the light like a cat’s.




Marielle shivered deep in her soul where her fear of the beasts and their masters resided. Where humans still cowered in awe of the powerful aliens who descended from the sky with fire and death in their wake.


The stranger approached and the guard finally woke up from whatever spell the Draekon had put him under. The guard rushed out of the cell and fell to his knees as the Draekon approached. Those cold eyes, shining like a naked blade, were set on her like on prey as the Draekon stalked toward Marielle, not even glancing at the kneeling Delradon guard.


Marielle stood straight, not knowing the appropriate way to greet him. Should she lower her head? Put her knees to the ground in submission? Cry and beg for mercy? The very idea made her stomach churn with bile.




“Are you the one they call Marielle Jansen?”




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