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New release - Bound to the Admiral

October 5, 2019

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New release - Bound to the Admiral

October 5, 2019

Are you in the mood for for a fantasy/scifi romance with a spark and a spank? If so, check out my friend Libby Campbell's new release, Bound to the Admiral.



When her parents choose a gruff, battle-hardened admiral as her mate and give her no say at all in the matter, twenty-one-year-old Princess Gael does not hesitate to make her displeasure known. Despite her protests, however, her old-fashioned yet undeniably sexy husband-to-be wastes no time in taking her over his knee and baring her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking when she defies him during an ancient ceremony intended to celebrate their union.

Fleet Admiral Kai Grenville has no doubt that taming his beautiful, feisty new mate will be a battle, but it is a battle he intends to win. If that means paddling Gael’s beautiful backside bright red with her panties stuffed in her mouth to teach her what happens to sassy mates, then so be it.

Though she does her best to remain indignant about her situation and Kai’s willingness to chastise her as often and as shamefully as he feels it necessary, Gael cannot deny her body’s response to his dominance, and when he claims her the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible. But with a plague ravaging their world and Gael’s reckless behavior putting her in danger, can Kai find a way to conquer her heart while also keeping her safe?


This standalone novel has a satisfying ending and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.
Publisher’s Note: Bound to the Admiral includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



GET Bound to the Admiral Here


Learn more about the planet Devmaer and its sizzling people with the prequel novella Bound to the Past. It’s available FREE for a limited time on Book Funnel. Or buy it here: Amazon






Not sure? Read a sneak peek to decide for yourself!


As Kai approached the mother and daughter, a faint fragrance of honeysuckle and vanilla, soft and beguiling, drifted toward him from the princess’s warm skin. She had the same black and gold tiger-striped hair as her father: the sign of ancient Kedrant bloodlines.  

Queen Vasa greeted Kai with a neutral smile; Gael stared at him coldly.

“Welcome, Fleet Admiral Grenville,” Vasa said, dipping her head in acknowledgement. She was a tall woman, small-waisted, with a figure kept trim by years of hard work and diligent exercise.

Looking at the assembly, Vasa clapped her hands and announced, “As promised, we now know which lucky man will take Her Royal Highness, Princess Gael as his mate.”

The guests broke into uproarious applause. People whistled, cheered, and stamped their feet in approval.

Kai stood, dumbfounded, trying not to choke at the unexpected declaration. He blinked rapidly and waited to hear what was coming next.

For a quick second, Vasa’s mask dropped. An expression of victorious happiness lit her face.

Gael studied a point on the wall behind Kai, as if she wasn’t part of this conversation. Kai eyed her suspiciously. Had she been part of this trap?

Vasa spoke to Kai in a quieter voice. “Your tardiness has won you a great honor.” She took Gael’s right hand and placed it in his left. Closing her long warm fingers around their joined hands, she said, “You have won Her Royal Highness Princess Gael’s first matehood. May the two of you be happy together. We will have the Ceremony of Vows here tomorrow.”

She stood taller and addressed the hall, “In these worrying times, we all need something to celebrate, an event to lift our spirits. Dear citizens of Senne, I give you the joining of Her Royal Highness Princess Gael to Fleet Admiral Kai Grenville. To mark this happy occasion, tomorrow every home in the valley will receive a basket of autumn bounty, a gift from King Athol and me.”

The cheering that followed was louder this time.

Kai bowed to Vasa, still struggling to assimilate what was happening. He was being awarded an honor that couldn’t be refused without risking the loss of his head. He didn’t ask why this prize had been conferred on him. No one questioned the queen’s decisions.

Gael dug her fingernails into the back of his hand, signaling her resentment about their mateship. So, she didn’t like it any more than he did. That was fine. He suppressed a smile at her show of claws. Although she wasn’t hurting him by any means, this kitten was sending him a message, a message of defiance.

Always one to welcome a challenge, he decided her willfulness was amusing and began to plan how he’d help her come to terms with their arrangement. It would start with her obedience and submission to him. If she failed? He smiled, picturing her bent over his desk with her shapely backside lifted in the air. She’d hold her breath as she waited for his touch, either punishment or penetration. His smile broadened. Penetration could be both.




Learn more about Libby Campbell


My romance novels feature strong, self-reliant women and the powerful men who love them. Romantic by nature, I write the stories I want to read: those that feature a spicy power exchange and deliver a sting in the tale.

Canadian by birth, I also lived in Australia for a couple of decades. While living there I overcame my aversion to saucer-sized spiders and, as a condition of marriage to my Aussie Prince Charming, I swore a lifelong allegiance to the Melbourne Football Club.

Then family called and my husband and I packed up and moved. We now live on a rocky island on Canada’s West Coast, close to beaches that once were frequented by smugglers and rumrunners.

My passions are reading and writing. I adore all animals and love hiking, beachcombing, and an occasional night of dancing.


Connect with Libby Campbell on social media:


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Find her on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Libby-Campbell-849543415164235/

Follow her on Twitter: @LibbyC26

Visit her Amazon author page: https://amazon.com/author/libbycampbell

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