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Venomous Heart

It's been a long time since I released an Eok Warrior book. Almost a year, thinking of it. Too long! I am totally in love with those big, bad, blue aliens and I have missed writing their stories!

This particular story is deeply personal for me, in the strange way that a writer can become attached to a fictional character of her own making. Arlen's character was born in the first book in the series, Venomous Craving, as the brother of the hero. A brother with a dark, painful past and an unhappy marriage (or mating, whichever you want to call it) whose life unravels as this first story in the series unfurls. Arlen's trouble and emotions were relied to the background in Venomous Craving, but I grew increasingly attached to this honorable, broken hearted warrior. After all, he always tried his best, but life seemed to be resolved to prevent him from ever being happy. The ending of Venomous Craving gave the hero and heroine in the book their own HEA, but not for poor, heartbroken, betrayed Arlen.

Off course, I couldn't leave Arlen to his terrible fate, alone and in exhile. I wrote another entire book leaving Arlen out of the picture and by then, I had created the perfect heroine for him. 

Ava is every bit as broken as Arlen, but she is a woman with a mission. She has to save the life of an innocent boy despite facing crushing odds. They will have to band together - and resist the ravaging effects of the Mating Venom - to save the child and fight a threat bigger than anyone could have predicted.

Venomous Heart is full of intrigues, passion and dangers. The villains are evil and just like in real life, the good guys are not always who we think they are. 

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Lucy Peace
Lucy Peace
Jul 18, 2020

I love these books. Are you considering writing more? I can't help notice there's space for at least two more on your Books page. 🤔🤞

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